How to Get Followers On Instagram?

Really successful Instagram accounts tend to stick to a theme: a creator who posts behind-the-scenes peeks into the fashion industry; a food artist who does incredible things with rice and cord beans; a world traveler with a spell of snapshots from France, Portugal and Peru; a crafty celeb obsessive; and, of course, an abundance of lovable puppies and kittens.

2: Attach to A Schedule

It’s very significant that your followers know when to expect a new picture. “If you’re going to be daily, you have to post daily,” Kenton told that you Post. “Your audience will expect that beat.”
Lee also attach to a daily schedule. “If I update my account once a week or too many at a time then vanish for weeks, it is unlikely that I can build a loyal following,” he told in an email.

2: Do Not Be Tedious

If people are coming to your account for pictures of your angry-faced kitten, you probably don’t want to throw in an image of your morning soy latte. But giving the people what they want doesn’t have to mean posting the same pictures of sunsets and cityscapes over and over and over.

“The worst thing for me is to look at my own feed and be bored,” said Kenton. “I know what type of photo is going to get more likes, but I still do my best to make posts that I want to see and share. I like symmetry, I like lines, and I like buildings. But it’s not like I don’t shoot landscapes or portrayal as well.”

4. Use Attractive Hashtags…

Hashtags are seen as the vital way to get more gazes at on your post, but they don’t essentially keep people coming back for more. Our Instagram experts tend to avoid common hashtags like #dog or #love, because, as Kenton pointed out, “If I’m going to post a photo of a bike, why would I hashtag it #bicycle? There are literally millions of pictures with that hashtag.”

5. But Do Not Use Too Many

One of the experts says that “hashtags are a great way to reach out to strangers who don’t know about my Instagram feed,” but he added that the tags should be relevant to the post. “I don’t believe in using too many hashtags as it gives an impression that you are anxious for likes,” he said.
Lee invented a simple be spoke hashtag for her creations, #dasher, and he usually add another descriptive tag like #food art.

It’s a point that Dasher advertises, too. “As an audience member, I find [hashtags] a little clutter,” he said. “If I see that, I feel like you’re trying too hard to build your audience.” That’s why he attach to one or two labels that really define the photo, rather than going for large quantities of generic tags.

6: Connects With Your Audience

Even if you’re not a slave to the almighty “like,” you should take care to recognize your audience in some way. “I’m intentional about responding [to commenter’s], even though I’m not able to respond to everybody,” Dasher said. “I want them to know that I appreciate them.”

7: Take a Classy Photo

There’s a reason professional photographers tend to have such sizable Instagram followings: They know what makes a good photo. “I shoot [a mobile photo] as carefully as I would a DSLR shot,” Kenton said.
You don’t need to be a pro to master a few photo basics.

A lot of what makes a good snap is just intuitive. Is your subject in focus? Do the colors contrast in an interesting way? Are there any particularly enticing angles? Are you photographing something that people will actually want to see? Take a quick online photography tutorial if you really want to hone your skills.

8: Edit Your Pictures

You should also invest in a good photo editing app, instead of resorting to Instagram’s limited filters and editing tools. In a market there is very good editing app are available for your guys, so you are purchasing and take the benefits of editing app.

9: Get Characterized

No good Instagram account exists in a vacuum. Most accounts that see a surge in followers have been featured in one of three places: the app’s blog, its Explore page, or, if they’re very lucky, its suggested user list, which shows up under “Find People to Follow” in Instagram’s settings.

10. Capture Smarter Selfies

Our social media scientist Dan Zarrella did a little digging into the data of what makes a selfie go viral, besides an awesome face, of course. Looking at more than 200,000 images tagged #selfie, zarella noted a few surprising trends on his blog:

A. There Are “Correct” Colors. Images featuring cool, earthy tones, like blue, green and beige, received more engagement than warm reds, yellows and pinks.

B. But No Filter Is The Best Filter. Zarrella looked at the average number of likes that filtered photos received. Willow came out on top, with Normal taking second place. And selfies tagged #no filter saw a nearly 10 percent increase in engagement than selfies without the tag — even though nearly one-third of #no filter selfies actually did have a filter.

C. Fine, You Can Use a group Of Hashtags. If you really want to pander to the lowest common denominator of Instagram engagement (which, honestly, we don’t advise; see above), tag your post with something like #follow or # like for like. Sadly, the cheap ploy seems to work, at least a little bit. Zarrella notes that selfies with the tag #like for like received 5 percent more likes than the average selfie. By the same token, the more stupid tags you tack onto a post, the more likes you receive.

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